Wichita-based Big Rick’s hits it big in People Magazine Holiday Entertaining issue

Jalapeno Honey Mustard selected to represent Kansas in the ‘50 Foods from 50 States’ feature appearing in the November 28th special issue of People Magazine.

Wichita, Kansas – Big Rick’s is getting an early Christmas gift this year with the news that its’ popular Jalapeno Honey Mustard is being featured in the upcoming People Magazine Holiday Entertaining issue. The product is being featured as Kansas’ representative in an article highlighting a great food to try from each state in the U.S. The special People Magazine issue is available through the end of the year.

“We’re excited to introduce Big Rick’s to the 43 million People Magazine readers in the U.S.! We’ve heard from customers across the country for years that the unique taste of our Jalapeno Honey Mustard is exceptional and even a bit addictive,” said Dennis Rees, Big Rick’s Spokesperson. “People love to use it to turn simple things like corn dogs and hamburgers into something special and we’ve had a lot of people share their favorite recipes where they use it to add a sweet kick to salad dressings and marinades.

Big Rick’s Jalapeno Honey Mustard is available in pint size jars and in half-gallon size jugs and production has been ramped up to meet the expected increase in consumer demand.

Founded by Rick Doty in 1991, Big Rick’s product line includes a range of four award-winning BBQ sauces, five salsas, jalapeno honey mustard, chipotle ketchup, pasta sauce and chili fixin’s. Big Rick’s products in the U.S. are all produced at the Big Rick’s facility in Wichita, KS and are available in retailers across the U.S. and online at www.BigRicks.com. Big Rick’s sauces are also available in more than 275 retailers in Australia through licensed distributor Big Al and Ocky Enterprises.

Big Ricks Introduces First New Packaging Update in 20 Years

Every brand needs to freshen up its look every now and then. For Big Rick’s, that time is now. Don’t worry, we won’t be doing away with Buster, Black Dog, Momma Doty, or the recipes for any of the Big Rick’s sauces we’ve been stirring up for years. They will all be featured on our new labels and accompanied by Big Rick’s fresh new look. You’ll notice that the labels include an invitation to receive special offers and new recipes through our text messaging program or through our social media pages. (Got to keep up with the times, you know!)

Big Ricks Launches All New www.BigRicks.com

If you’re reading this news, you are reading it on the all new www.BigRicks.com site!  The new site works on all types of devices, making it easy get Big Rick’s recipes or stock up your pantry right from your phone or tablet. Don’t forget to share the new site with a friend, send us your favorite recipes and add your thoughts on any of Big Rick’s big tastes. With the addition of our new look and website, we’ll have another big holiday announcement! Circle back and visit BigRicks.com again after Thanksgiving and you’ll see how Big Rick’s is getting some big-time recognition!